At ProV Refacing, we specialize in partnering with homeowners who desire a fresh new look for their kitchen cabinetry. We strive to help homeowners understand their options when looking for kitchen rennovations. Once considering your options, whether you decide to replace or reface your kitchen cabinets, the increase in property value stays the same. Why spend more time and money when it's not necessary? Call the refacing experts at ProV Refacing!


We say "Don't replace, reFACE."


Traditional replacement of your kitchen cabinets is a job that takes much longer to complete, not to mention the loss of use of your kitchen during the process. When you work with us at ProV Refacing, you retain the use of your kitchen thorought the entire project! We strive to be as unintrusive as possible because we understand how important the kitchen is.

Call today to get us working on your custom no-obligation quote.


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